Custom garage plans, loft garage floor plans, apartment garage floor plans

Custom garage plans designed with loft storage and apartment space

Building and designing Custom garage plans in NC.

I can personally design your custom garage plans to fit your needs so it fits perfectly on your property and blends with your existing home construction style.

Loft storage custom designs as well as apartment style plans utilizing stick framing construction that can easily be converted to habitable space at some future time without major modifications.


Add the front gable with board and batting siding and you have a beautiful exterior garage anyone would be happy with.


801 Series — Slab Foundation Custom Garage Plans with loft Storage

This plan meets the 15' center roof height requirement for some area's !
and can be reduced to 20' deep to meet the 14' requirement
or 23'10" deep using a 10x12 pitch roof

Or move the doors to either side instead.

We took the same 801 garage plan and lowered it so it would meet the 15' garage roof height that is required in a great many subdivisions. We can do it with a slab floor plan or with a stem wall foundation.


801 Series — Stem Wall Foundation Custom Garage Plans with loft Storage

This plan meets the 15' center roof height requirement for some area's !

The 801 series is the most ask for loft storage garage plan we have designed yet. It is a stick built plan with a second loft floor designed to have a normal home floor load. It can be adapted to many different appearances and formats with window styles and door styles, even overhang style.

We used the same plan and lowered the walls and roof to be able to offer a garage plan that would meet the plan restrictions for some residential subdivisions and city requirements for detached garage plans as shown below and still offer a loft storage area that could be converted into an upstairs livable plan or even a loft design plan


This plan design offers the best of all worlds with the added carport for that garden tractor or other equipment you might need. It offers a side entry door which is covered from rain or snow and even has a roll up door on the side covered for workshop space when you might need to run a table saw or any other equipment that needs to be protected. That carport roof could even wrap around the back for that unsightly storage material.


804 Series — Custom Garage Plans with Loft Storage and Exterior Stairs

Again this is a likeness of the 801 series plan but with exterior stairs up to the loft storage and can be used for a hide a way. Or just an apartment plan that could be used as a rental property. You could kick the left side out and enlarge the plan quite a bit similar to the 806 series.


806 Series — Garage Plans with loft Storage or Apartment space

Garage Plans #806-55 elevations


809 Series — Garage Plans with loft Storage or Apartment


The same 801 series in yet a different version and turned 90 degrees giving quite a loft storage area or garage apartment plan possibilities.


802 Series — One Story Garage Plans with Hip Roofs

In the image plan above it shows a flat ridge on top which is caused due to the plan being wider than it is deep. The same can be achieved with a square roof plan such as 24x24. It can be designed using irregular hips and can even have the same overhang as the front roof plain, whatever that might be.


We've just included these image designs and are underway (ASAP) trying to finish some possible floor plans for them. These plans utilize truss rafters and can be enlarged or made smaller without much trouble at all. We even included a Cement Block version plan we have been ask about several times.


807 Series Barn Garage Plans with loft Storage or Apartment Possibilities



800 Series — Storage Shed Plans



We can draw these storage shed plans with Standard Gable Roof or Hip Roof and almost any size you need. With slab floors or with girders to set on block piers to be moveable.