Custom ICF House Plans Using Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated concrete homes offer a tremendous insulation value in whatever style it is used wither one story, two story and even having a large basement area. ICF homes are the greenest and most energy efficient homes available and are easily adaptable to almost any style and configuration.

Standard house plans using 2x4 exterior walls can be modified for ICF use. We can modify existing floor plans or using your sketches we can generate your custom homes plan with your special needs built in.

Basement applications can be included with most plan designs offering much needed space for multiple uses.

The ICF plan below is a two story with a basement that has been drawn for a family in a northern state and it's used as a good example of how the insulated concrete form wall construction can easily be adapted in most homes to almost any style.

The plans for this page are meant for an example only and not available for purchase at this time. If you would like to order an ICF plan please     us for a free price quote.

Custom ICF House Plan

Front Elevation:

Front Elevation

ICF home plans can be drawn with brick veneer or frame siding, whichever meets the desired appearance you might want. Roof styles can be designed with that high pitch look or even hipped like many homes today use.

First Floor:

first floor

The floor plan is draw the same as any floor plan except for the exterior walls which are much thicker providing the insulation material on each side of the concrete itself.

Second Floor:

Second Floor

Once the first floor ICF walls are constructed and the second floor system has been installed the exterior insulated concrete form walls are then formed up using the system selected and then poured. Notice the wall thickness is heavier than normal wood framed walls offering greater insulation R-Value.

Basement Walls:

Basement Walls

Basement homes using ICF walls can be poured with a thicker concrete fill giving adequate support for outside back fill. These walls are formed having a ledge or shelf for first floor system support.

Rear Elevation:

Rear Elevation

Elevations are all drawn on 1/4" scale and show window placement and rear porch deck. The ICF walls are not visible at all in the elevations to identify the home with insulated concrete form wall construction.

Left Elevation:

Left Elevation

The exterior construction of ICF Homes can vary from brick veneer or stone to wood or vinyl siding, or even stucco approved systems.

Right Elevation:

Right Elevation

This particular ICF home is designed with a one story attached garage with no living space above per home owners request. Exterior garage doors and windows can be adapted to the thicker walls with no problems at all.

Detail #1:

Detial #1

ICF construction does however differ a great deal here and requires efficient design details for proper construction. Floor system design must show correct and approved attachment styles which vary with different manufacturers but need to be shown so the ICF contractor will know how to build your new home and meet state and local codes.

Detail #2:

Detail #2

There will need to be several detail drawings supplied with any ICF home plan, from wall attachments to footings.

Stair Details:

Stair Details

Stair details are calculated and designed within code requirements and to achieve the best climb. Risers too high are difficult for older people and make walking a problem.